Handmade premium men's shoes

Hand-sewn shoes

Pellettieri di Parma is an Italian brand, produces hand-sewn shoes, 100% Made in Italy .

Our production blends the modernity of innovation at most ancient traditionsOf leather processing, keeping that entirely manual approach which makes each product unique.

Impeccable Design


Time is the measure of true luxury: for this reason, we do not give up on traditional manual processing, on exclusivity
selection of fine leathers, to the care of every single detail, from the cut of the upper to the sewing and finishing and, finally, to the last check.

Top Quality

Only this one slow processing guarantees the standards of the highest level.

Stylish Modern

Ogni scarpa è un unicum, con tutte le sue caratteristiche e le sue peculiarità.
Pellettieri di Parma is not just footwear

Our accessories line

Accessories Collection

Pellettieri di Parma is not just footwear: with the same quality, care and dedication, in fact, the brand has also forged an accessories line ranging from small leather goods to belts and bags.
Over 180 steps for packaging.
21 days of production process.
8 days of installation in shape.
Authentic quality for an authentic Made in Italy

Our craftsmanship