About us

Pellettieri di Parma was born in the early 70’s, in a small artisanal luxury handmade shoe workshop where the leather manufacturing process has ancient tradition and is based on totally manual techniques whose secrets and craftsmanship have been handed down from one generation to another. The result is a unique product, created with special attention, quality and passion.

What distinguishes Pellettieri di Parma’s brand from all the rest is the ability to stay loyal to its spirit and in the meantime be able to combine tradition and innovation, always keeping untouched the most important features of the true Made in Italy: the quality of the raw materials, the special care for every detail and the manufacturing rigorously handmade.

The whole shoemaking consists of over 180 individual steps, 21 days for the production process, from the actual cutting of the leather to the last phase of molding and quality control, then an additional 8 days of posing: the time needed for a true luxury product to be born.

Only this slow, meticulous and laborious method guarantees the high standards that the brand demands.