Italian hand made mens shoes: quality, style and comfort.

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Men’s sneaker with fur in black suede


Leather backpack

Polish blue

Polacchino man in suede and blue cashmere

Discover the best italian handmade mens shoes

Pellettieri di Parma is the most exclusive in the world collection of hand made shoes.

Hand made men’s shoes, for all the seasons of the year, unique, comfortable, elegant and made in long lasting materials.

Classic men’s shoes, evening shoes or sneakers made by Parma Pellettieri, they all look great with everything, from jeans to the work shirt or tuxedo.

Our shoemakers are experts in the art of making hand made shoes, and their shoes are coveted by people all over the world.

Pellettieri di Parma produce men’s shoes made in real leather, cut and sewn by hand.

Every pair of shoes takes about 25-30 hours of work and they are all created different and unique.